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Underwater Forensics

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Investigator Claims To Have Solved The Ripper Mystery Using DNA

An amateur investigator has claimed to have identified Jack the Ripper, the archetypal serial killer. The claims are still far from verified, but that...

Video: Nova – Forensics On Trial

On 17th October 2012, the PBS Show Nova investigates forensic science and examines how what is often perceived as rock solid forensic evidence can sometimes...

Touch DNA: The effect of the deposition pressure on the quality of latent fingermarks and STR profiles

Latent fingerprints present unique, and sometimes the only, evidence found at a crime scene. Several factors affect their quality, including deposition pressure....

The Quantum Mechanics Of Fingerprints On Your Water Glass

Have you ever gripped a drinking glass, looked down, and saw your fingerprints on the side of the glass? That mundane phenomenon is due...
Michael Whyte
Crime Scene Officer and Fingerprint Expert with over 7 years experience in Crime Scene Investigation and Latent Print Analysis. The opinions or assertions contained on this site are the private views of the author and are not to be construed as those of any professional organisation or policing body.
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Using the NCIC Bayesian Network to improve your AFIS searches

This National Crime Information Centre (NCIC) Bayesian network is based on the statistical data of general patterns of fingerprints on the hands...

DNA decontamination of fingerprint brushes

Using fingerprint brushes across multiple crime scenes yields a high risk of DNA cross-contamination. Thankfully an Australian study has discovered a quick and easy way to safely decontaminate fingerprint brushes to prevent this contamination risk and allows the brushes to be safely reused even after multiple cleaning cycles.

Detection of latent fingerprint hidden beneath adhesive tape by optical coherence tomography

Adhesive tape is a common item which can be encountered in criminal cases involving rape, murder, kidnapping and explosives. It is often the case...

Presenting Fingerprint Comparisons in Court using Forensic Comparison Software

This video gives the fingerprint technician some ideas on how to present a Fingerprint Comparison result to the court that looks professional. To accomplish this...

New modified fingerprint chemical that fluoresces touch DNA on clothing

In sexual assault and burglary investigations, the recovery of DNA from items that have been handled by the suspect is very important....