Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Using fire extinguishers to develop fingerprints in marijuana grow operations

A recent Canadian study published has shown some promising results in the use of dry chemical (powder) fire extinguisher for developing fresh latent fingerprints from different...

RCMP shine light on latest fingerprint-detection methods for new polymer banknotes

When the Bank of Canada started making the switch a few years ago from paper currency to the smoother polymer bills, it touted the...

Magic Marker Pen Picks Up Hidden Fingerprints

A crime-fighting ‘magic’ marker pen that can identify the hidden properties of receipts containing fingerprint deposits within a matter of seconds is one of...

Fingerprints Could Glow for Future Forensics

Fingerprints are not just important in forensics and the identification of people; they can also be used for security clearance, access control, and the...

Fingerprints Lifted from Fabric

Scottish police have paired up with forensics experts from the University of Abertay Dundee to make lifting fingerprints from fabric possible for the first time....

Video: How to Dust for Fingerprints

The Smithsonian Channel series: Catching Killers have created an informative video to show how crime scene investigators working on the Night Stalker case try all types of fine, dry...

Breakthrough technology uncovers fingerprints on ATM bills and receipts

New technology could help in the fight against theft and fraud – by identifying fingerprints on old receipts and ATM bills previously hidden from...