Thursday, January 30, 2020
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Forensic Software to sort out ‘murky’ DNA mixes

On TV dramas like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the tiniest shreds of DNA are like magic keys, unlocking the identities of criminals with the...

Who Should Have Access to DNA Evidence?

Next week, the West Virginia Supreme Court will hear a case in which 30 former prosecutors from around the country have taken the unusual...

Amanda Knox legal fight highlights fallibility of DNA forensics

In the wake of the Amanda Knox case, a DNA expert for the defence says greater scrutiny of crime labs is needed to avoid...

Judge tosses out two types of DNA testing

A Brooklyn judge has stirred up controversy by tossing out two types of DNA proof routinely applied in criminal circumstances all through the city. Justice...

DNA review finds killer of two women in 1980s

With the help of advanced DNA testing, law enforcement officials have solved the 1983 murder of a young woman in Massachusetts and the 1987...

Vermont Supreme Court rules that DNA collection to unconstitutional

In a landmark decision, the Vermont Supreme Court has deemed a section of Vermont’s DNA collection statute to be an unconstitutional invasion of personal...