Thursday, October 29, 2020

Latent Foot Print Searches made easy with Forensic Comparison Software

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Michael Whyte
Crime Scene Officer and Fingerprint Expert with over 12 years experience in Crime Scene Investigation and Latent Print Analysis. The opinions or assertions contained on this site are the private views of the author and are not to be construed as those of any professional organisation or policing body.
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Searching a latent foot print presents unique challenges for the Fingerprint Technician even though the friction skin of the foot is essentially the same as that of the hands. The lack of a database is usually the biggest hurdle since these prints are not taken in any official capacity and must be taken on a needs basis from suspects, victims and others depending on the case. During my years examining crime scenes in the tropics of Northern Australia we came across footprints on a regular basis but searching the print was always an issue due to the unfamiliar patterns and areas of regular straight ridges that made it difficult to make that all-important start in the comparison process. 

The latest Forensic Comparison Software (FCS) overcomes these difficulties by searching the foot print and presenting a result for comparison in quick and easy method. The searchable databases are created in one easy step from digital images and are ready to be searched within minutes. The FCS software then has all the tools necessary for the Fingerprint Technician to complete the Analysis, Comparison and Evaluation of the examination process including exportable notes, Image enhancements, automatic charting and more.

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