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IAI 100th International Educational Conference

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The International Association for Identification (IAI) will be holding its 100 year centenary between August 2-8, 2015, in Sacramento, California. 

The IAI strives to be the main professional association for those engaged in forensic identification, investigation, and scientific examination of physical evidence.

At the conference, world-renowned professionals present the most current scientific educational sessions, utilizing the most efficient methodologies and technical products and advances in the identification field. The Conference offers general sessions, poster presentations, hands-on workshops, field trips, and vendor exhibits. Every forensic discipline subcommittee offers some type of training. Levels of the educational sessions range from basic to advanced.

Educational Sessions and the Exhibit will be held in Sacramento Convention Center.

The President’s Welcome Reception and some Committee Meetings are scheduled for Sunday August 2, 2015. Lectures and workshops begin on Monday August 3 and continue until 1:00 p.m. on Friday August 7, followed by the Business Meeting and then the Installation & Closing Banquet. (suggested checkout Saturday August 8)

Conference Registration

Registration will be $350 (U.S.) for International Association for Identification members and $450 for nonmembers. There would be an estimated additional $200 for workshop fees (based on the sessions that you select). Individual workshops will range from $20 to $100 — dependent on the course content.

Student Registration

To qualify as a Student Registrant, individuals must be full-time students, not gainfully employed by a law enforcement agency, and provide a letter of authorization from the dean or their professor on school letterhead. This letter must accompany the registration. Student registration will be $190. A Student Registrant receives all benefits of the Full Registration. Students may go to any available class or workshop that interests them, however workshops may have additional fees attached.

Social Registration

Social Registration includes the Sunday President’s Reception, Monday Breakfast and Opening Ceremony, Tuesday-night Poster Presentation/Photo Contest and Reception, Wednesday-night Dinner & Social, and Friday-night Installation Banquet.

The complete Conference program, which will include all of the workshop information and the registration, will appear on the IAI website in the Spring of 2015.

Visit the IAI website to get further information regarding registration and the Conference program.

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